"I wish Thank you was enough to say for the gorgeous work that you performed at our handfasting. It was absolutely Beautiful!! Tytytytytytyty!!! On another note your Eclipse Moon mist works wonderfully in the work space"    --Solarein

"Shiros products are about the best Ive come across. I recommend her to all people that I know who practice the craft. Also to anyone who may be interested in using herbs."     --Mel

"Oil tested:: Brigid. Use on:: Candle, Door Frame. I would say that the oil worked wonderfully. I even let a celtic priest smell the oil and he said it was right on the dot. =) So thank you very very much for letting us test it out, don’t loose that recipe for it, it is definetly a keeper."    -- Scott/Kim

"1. I used the Brigid oil as an anointing oil, for a piece of jewelry and some oracle cards, when asking for Brighid’s guidance or blessing. 2. The oil did a good job of capturing her essence — a difficult task for any triple goddess! Creativity, strength, and nurturing. 3. I don’t normally use many oils (reserve them mostly for medicinal use), so I structured these workings specifically to use the oil. 4. The oil definitely captured Her warmth and I found that quite pleasant."     --E

"~So I love the “Hecate’s Threshold” oil! I love the smell and I love the effects it has! My cats seem to enjoy it too :) ~I used the oil in a meditation/consecration ceremony that I came up with. After I did the meditation I was compelled to walk around in the little woods that I am lucky enough to have near my apartments. It was a wondrous experience. I have to say that the oil definitively gave my meditation and consecration an added power boost. It was like I was able to communicate better with the Goddess, or I was able to catch her attention a little faster. ~I have used the oil to anoint myself on a number of different occasions just because I enjoyed the smell so much and I anointed my Hecate idol on my altar as well as my necklace that I wear everyday :)"     --Katie

"The happy hands have restored my hands. and now my hands are not cracked"      --Cindy

"Here is some feed back on the moon classes. working with the oils is what is unique about your moon phase classes. On the 21st the dark moon oil smelled strange, exotic, maybe a little wild in a controlled way. The evening of the 22nd the oil smelled distinctly different. It smelled a lot like the full moon oil, but not as expansive. One quality of the full moon oil I made is that emotionally it is like a rose on the cusp of being over-blown. The dark moon oil on the dark moon smells very similar, but the emotional quality is self-contained, not over-blown. But it smells wonderful instead of strange. I did the candle the evening of the 22nd. There was enough oil left to use two drops to make dark moon water. When I woke up on the 23rd I felt especially shitty. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then I smelled the oil bottle, splashed on some of the dark moon water on my face and rinsed my mouth with it. In less that five minutes I felt good, relaxed and calm. I think the splashing on the face was the most effective action. I was very interested in getting my projects started on the crescent moon, but I wasn’t sure when that would be. I went out the morning of the 23rd about 8:30 and looked at the sky. I couldn’t see the crescent moon. I sniffed the oil. It still smelled like the full moon oil. I went out later that day near noon and looked at the sky. I did not see the crescent. That night I sniffed the oil and it still smelled like the full moon oil. All this time I kept forgetting to look it up on the internet, but I remembered that you said my reaction to the oils would change as the phases of the moon changed. So I decided to see if my nose would tell me. This morning, 24th I woke up and sniffed the oil. This time it smelled like it did on the 21st. I went out about 10am and looked at the sky. It was covered with haze, so I could not see a thing. I am going with my nose and calling today the crescent. I have already made the first step in one of my three projects I want to start today. I was amazed! I don’t care if I find an ephemeris somewhere that says a different day. I am going with my nose. The change in smell was too distinct to ignore. It is one of those things I had to experience to believe. I glad I have a way to detect the dark and cresent moon phases when the sky is cloudy and an ephimiris is not handy. For someone with an uneducated nose who hasn’t been able to smell very well for a long time, this is exciting. Thank you for showing me an amazing and pleasant way to create a personal connection with the moon!"     --Edana

"once again you have amazed me!I love this new thing of yours.. the dry smudge bag. Awesome energy and I love the convenience of shaking it when I need to. Call me kooky but I really think I like the smell of valerian root. Its comforting!"     --Moonshine

"shiro….this powder snuck up on me. WTF?! lmao! At first i was like…”ok i bet this thing wont have any affect since i take supplements and im such a health nut.” This thing got me inspired to do something i havent been doing in such a long long time!0___0!!!"     --Orion

"I loved it all! I am gonna advertise the stuff outta that MIZ perfume.. It wz absolutely breathtaking!! It just mesmerized my senses… Now that’s how you get a man LOL. I love the cup! Soooo awesome!! Ah I guess I should stop talkn so much LOL. I wz just so enthused!! Thank you Thank you!! Merry Mabon to you as well! Hugs"      --Vero

"Ms Lady Ms Lady! You are the craftiest witch I know! Just when I thought you couldnt go any higher… this last order.. you have completely outdone yourself!! No questions! I am beyond impressed and satisfied."     --Moon Shine

"I absolutely love your moon rocks! I cant stop smelling them. Im going to have to get the lotion! And I adore the black moon mist. I want to spray it on ALL the time. You have great products Shiro;) Blessed be."     --Debbie

"I LOVE Moonshine! What a delightful, fun fragrance. Even my (male) partner likes it. And the lotion makes my hands feel as soft as satin. Absoultely delicious and sensual. Cant wait to try the whole line!"     --Solstice

"I just used my Moonshine shower gel and lotion….Wow that is the most incredible smell EVER!!! I did not want to get dressed, just wanted to soak up the smell!! Great product Shiro!"     --Renee

"I keep forgetting to comment when I buy from you. Ive bought from you a handful of times and every time I do I am always happy with quality! You always go above and beyond and your products are absolutely wonderful!"     --Moon Shine

"I just have to make another comment about my Happy Hands…….I got the worst sunburn after a wonderful trip to the Texas coast and was peeling….the pain unbearable! I used Happy Hands on my unhappy body and it saved me!!"     --Renee

"Shiro~~ Thank you for this AWESOME Birthday Gift! I went out to go get my mail and much to my suprise your package and another that I ordered were sitting on my front deck. OH MY GODDESS!!! The Moon water candles smell sooo good and the Eclipse mist….has to be my favorite! I will definately be ordering more candles from you just as soon as I get some extra $$"     --Liz

"First the Chocolate lip gloss “Rocks” yep it tastes yummy, which is something I don’t think I have expressed about lip gloss since I was like 15…” I have been using the chocolate lip balm now for about 12 hours and it actually feels like its not just a gloss or a protection against the weather but that it is moisturizing my lips. Most products I use on my lips make my lips feel dryer then they were before I used it after it wears off and that isn’t the case with your product they feel soft. So I am very pleased. The Miz Aquarius mmmmm, I like this a lot. I put quite a good pat of it on my hands and worked it like a massage into area’s like behind my neck, temples, and naturally got some of it on my clothes and it was absorbed well and the smell stuck to me it has a very enjoyable earthy smell, not to strong, just right actually… You really know how to blend these things. You have a talented hand for this kind of craft Shiro, and I have to admit way better then I would have given credit but not because I doubt you. I just don’t expect any product to really do what it is supposed too after almost forty two years of being falsely advertised to more times then I could possibly know. This is going to sound gay but I am a bit humbled both by your ability and that the products deliver rarely do I find that. I am just happy when a product gets close meeting my expectations. Your kind of excellence and quality is difficult to find. So anyway, I want to tell you Bravo!"     --Regi

"I love my Happy Hands lotion. The smell is delightful and the results are too. My hands are nice and soft and I would recommend this for anyone who has to wash their hands frequently during the day. Thanks Shiro for such a wonderful product!"     --Renee

"Everything was so darling. I loved the mini mirrors and puffs! They are perfect for ritual use and they stick sooo good! As everyone already knows the moon cords are the best ever! They made me literally swoon they were so powerful! I could go on and on!"     --Moonshine

"The day before the last cleansing bath, some things from Shiro arrived in the mail. I was so excited! She included one of her cleansing candles, so for the last bath I burned this candle. Let me tell you this was the perfect ending to my series of cleansing baths. This cleansing candle is awesome! At the end of this last bath, I was so calm, relaxed and in a place where I would always like to be. I went out that night , did a small ritual, and Moon Bathed with Shiro’s New Moon mist. Since then, I’ve actually had only one episode of stress/anxiety. And then I went and Moon Bathed again (with the Moon Mist of course) I think that I will be repeating these cleansing baths every month….. was an awesome experience."     --Liz

"Your Luna choice was excellent! I love the aroma! I look forward to many days of delightful scent surrounding my presence! Enjoy the spring as it makes its entrance – my favorite time of year!"     --Diane

"I loveeeee everything you sent me! : ) I put the Puff(pentagram) on my back windshield of my car. : ) I have my door Wiccan at work door knob sign on my door to my work station. I can hardly wait to use my other door knob sign!!!! I have my moon cord wrapped around my alter candle. I have the mirror on my alter. Its a fabulous addition to my alter. : ) I may be wanting to get several more work candles from you. I like to use candles when making my pagan jewelry, spell writing, and so forth. Thank you soooo much for the cleansing candle. I plan to use it next week when I have the house to myself and I am going to use the healing candle afterward. You are truly a blessing in my life! Again, thank you so much for our smooth and wonderful transaction. As for your site, I love it!!!!"     --White Witch

"Thank you so much. Your product is wonderful! I had to smell all of them right away. lol Yummy, they smell so wonderful! I especially love the Full Moon one. I was feeling a little down yesterday and your package cheered me up and brought a big smile to my face. :)"     --Arianrhod

"Saw you at the Vortex for Brigid Faire- I had a great time and my girls enjoyed meeting you and yours. Your products sell themselves-and your work and personality shines through them! Luv ya much and plan to shop more often through you! xooxo~!"     --Wyckie/Lisa

"LOVE the Moon Mists. I cant wait to use them. My Moon Cords are the best! Thanks so much Shiro!"     --Liz

"My MIZ Perfume is to die for! I love it. My guy loves it. It is scent-ilicious. The best part is that I feel it tunes perfectly to my Scorpio side – mysterious, exotic, sensual, and deeply psychic. Thanks, Shiro!"     --Purple

"I just got Moonbeams glimmering lotion – lovely! And Miz perfume in Sagittarius – glorious! Bot more yummy candles too. Love them all!!"     --Solstice

I will add reviews here every time I get a chance!
I get plenty of reviews and I appreciate each and every one of them!
...sorry though, I'm a slow typist :)
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