Welcome to The Lunar Flame


Merry Meet,
Combining my love for natural products with my love of learning,
I make correspondence candles, moon mists, perfumes, powders, lotions, and lathers…
and other nifty items.
I have for 23 years now.
I formulate products under the phases of the Moon in order to welcome that energy into each of my creations. I use herbs, oils, and gemstones to aid in healing, guidance, etc. in mind, body and spirit.
I use all natural ingredients whenever possible!
To put it simply, I do everything I can think of to charge my products with the power of the Moon.
A very strong force indeed!
Moon phases, colors, herbs, oils, and gemstones all play their part.
I take an inexpensive approach to packaging so that I can provide you with
the best quality products at the lowest possible prices.
I know you will find what you need … that’s why you’re here.




First Name: Vero
Comment: I loved it all! I am gonna advertise the stuff outta that MIZ perfume.. It wz absolutely breathtaking!! It just mesmerized my senses… Now that’s how you get a man LOL. I love the cup! Soooo awesome!! Ah I guess I should stop talkn so much LOL. I wz just so enthused!! Thank you Thank you!! Merry Mabon to you as well! Hugs Moon

First Name: Orion
Comment: shiro….this powder snuck up on me. WTF?! lmao! At first i was like…”ok i bet this thing wont have any affect since i take supplements and im such a health nut.” This thing got me inspired to do something i havent been doing in such a long long time!0___0!!!

First Name: Moonshine
Comment: once again you have amazed me!I love this new thing of yours.. the dry smudge bag. Awesome energy and I love the convenience of shaking it when I need to. Call me kooky but I really think I like the smell of valerian root. Its comforting!

First Name: Cindy
Comment: The happy hands have restored my hands. and now my hands are not cracked

First Name: Katie
Comment: ~So I love the “Hecate’s Threshold” oil! I love the smell and I love the effects it has! My cats seem to enjoy it too 🙂 ~I used the oil in a meditation/consecration ceremony that I came up with. After I did the meditation I was compelled to walk around in the little woods that I am lucky enough to have near my apartments. It was a wondrous experience. I have to say that the oil definitively gave my meditation and consecration an added power boost. It was like I was able to communicate better with the Goddess, or I was able to catch her attention a little faster. ~I have used the oil to anoint myself on a number of different occasions just because I enjoyed the smell so much and I anointed my Hecate idol on my altar as well as my necklace that I wear everyday 🙂

First Name: E-
Comment: 1. I used the Brigid oil as an anointing oil, for a piece of jewelry and some oracle cards, when asking for Brighid’s guidance or blessing. 2. The oil did a good job of capturing her essence — a difficult task for any triple goddess! Creativity, strength, and nurturing. 3. I don’t normally use many oils (reserve them mostly for medicinal use), so I structured these workings specifically to use the oil. 4. The oil definitely captured Her warmth and I found that quite pleasant.

First Name: Scott/Kim
Comment: Oil tested:: Brigid.
Use on:: Candle, Door Frame.
I would say that the oil worked wonderfully. I even let a celtic priest smell the oil and he said it was right on the dot. =) So thank you very very much for letting us test it out, don’t loose that recipe for it, it is definetly a keeper.

First Name: Mel
Comment: Shiros products are about the best Ive come across. I recommend her to all people that I know who practice the craft. Also to anyone who may be interested in using herbs.

First Name: Solarein
Comment: I wish Thank you was enough to say for the gorgeous work that you performed at our handfasting. It was absolutely Beautiful!! Tytytytytytyty!!! On another note your Eclipse Moon mist works wonderfully in the work space